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How much is the prom industry worth?

The UK prom industry has seen a staggering increase in the last ten years and a substantial rise in spending during prom season of May-August. The prom industry in the UK is now worth £80 million with parents spending more than £30 million in the last year alone (2011-12). This busy time in the year has been integral in boosting the UK economy as the importance of the prom has increased year-on-year. The presence of US TV shows where proms have been glamorised have added to the increase in the demand for proms, in turn fuelling the prom industry.

Due to the extent of the £80 million prom industry in the UK, it is key that parents source value for money suppliers who will provide high quality prom products and prom services without compromising on the budget. This is why has been recognised for its exceptional services catering exclusively to the prom industry allowing prom-goers access to luxurious chauffeur-driven prom car hire at affordable prices.

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