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What is a prom?

As proms become popular across the world, everyone is curious to know the history behind this iconic student event that today boasts a staggering £80 million in the UK alone! This formal black tie dance for high school students that started in the United States has since made its way to Canada, Australia, the UK and other major countries across the globe. Proms are held to celebrate the end of the last year of high school and is a major event in the social calendar of teenagers. Proms have been known to crown Prom King and Prom Queen, honorary titles awarded to students who win a school-wide vote prior to the prom.

In the UK, school proms are an important social event held during the months of May-August with students and their parents spending considerable time and energy on creating the perfect prom experience. Every detail is well-thought out and the most trusted and value for money suppliers are contacted to give prom-goers a splendid prom night. From the prom dress to luxurious prom car hire, every aspect of the prom has now become an integral part of growing up in Britain.

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