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Why are proms so popular in the UK?

In the UK, end-of-school formal school dances and balls have now been replaced with school proms with growing importance in teen social calendars since the 2000s. US TV programmes are behind this influence with shows like 'Glee', '90210', 'High School Musical', 'My Super Sweet 16' and 'Prom Queen' recognised as some of the programmes that are responsible for the increase in demand for school proms in the UK today. British teens have embraced this American school-leaving tradition with school proms now the norm.

The importance of school proms in the UK can be demonstrated by the massive industry it has created in the country. Worth £80 million, 2011-12 itself saw parents spending over £30 million on school proms with an average spend of £244 per person. One in 10 prom-goers spend more than £500 with 2% spending more than £1500. This American craze has firmly established itself within British society with the prom symbolising more than just a dance - this is an opportunity for students to end their years in high school with a bang and create fond memories . Today, the prom can be aptly termed a 'rite of passage' in modern Britain.

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